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About Us

Africana Studies at New York University is part of the Department ofSocial and Cultural Analysis. Africana Studies is an interdisciplinaryundertaking devoted to scholarship on the histories, political andcultural movements, institutions, economies and identities of Africansand the African diaspora across the globe. Africa’s own overlappingmodernities and the transnational migrations of its peoples–whetherforced or voluntary--have complicated the meanings of “black” and“African” identities and experiences,prompting us to rethink thegeographical boundaries and conceptual paradigms surrounding theproduction of knowledge about Africa and its diasporic communities.

NYU's location in one of the western hemisphere’s most cosmopolitancities–home to many of the broad constituencies we aim to study inrelation to their other continental settings--places us in a privilegedposition to lead and shape the development of Africana Studies in the21stcentury. Accordingly, the program is a site for interdisciplinaryand cross-cultural teaching and research in the histories,cultures,economies, politics, and languages and cultural practices ofAfricans in Africa, the Americas –North and South, the Caribbean,Europe,Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East. The program maintains closerelationships with community programming and research activities byNYU's Institute of African-American Affairs and Africa House.

At the undergraduate level, the department offers both a major and aminor in Africana Studies. Students can also combineLatino Studies withanother concentration in the SCA general major.Other SCA programsinclude American Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies,Asian/Pacific/American Studies, Latino Studies and MetropolitanStudies. The Department also offers an M.A. in Africana Studies, andjoint M.A. degrees with Journalism, Economics, Museum Studies.